True R&B Music

The music industry has evolved over the years for the better certainly. Today’s recording artist are able to control their own songs and catalogs as long as they do not sell out. With the many gadgets and tools used today to make new sounds with certain programs; music creators do not have to be gifted or musically inclined to produce what we hear on the radio these days.As long a person can read and have a rhythm; then he or she are able to get what they want to hear, when using certain music apps to make the music of their choice. For musicians who actually play real instruments in the studio and record using; a bass, guitars, keyboards, woodwind and brass instruments, drums and other percussion instruments; along with their main tool their voice; this is true R&B music.Maurice White founder and former member of the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire played one of many instruments including: drums, piano, timbales, vocals and the Kalimba. Their song Kalimba Story written by White and co-written by his brother Verdine, recorded in 1974 on their “Open Our Eyes” album; this particular funky up-tempo dance track featured the African instrument the Kalimba. He made this musical instrument very popular in and around the world. Maurice White was a gifted, creative and talented musician and vocalist and much more; his music catalog and legacy will be around for generations to come.Today’s artist including but not limited to the likes of Bruno Mars, H.E.R, Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton, and other independent artist like; PleasureMore to name a few are bringing new music with a old school feel pioneering and paving the way to keep R&B afloat in a dominant Hip-Hop driven music industry. Quincy Jones stated on his “Back On The Block” album 1989 that rap is here to stay. Well, R&B is the foundation of Hip-Hip and will last forever.Though the music business will continue to evolve with new technological advances and updated laws pertaining with different streaming platforms; one thing that is certain for songwriters, musicians, and record producers who makes music from the heart, there will always be music lovers who will appreciate and accept true musicianship. For emerging artist today, stay to true to yourself and the music that’s in your heart. Music, love, and peace is what is needed to make the world a better place. Music is simply twelve notes, how you use those twelve notes define your success!

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Ways to Know if Your Child has Autism

As a parent you will always want your kids to be healthy and fit at all times and for that, you will have to make sure that you take good care of them. It will not be an easy task to know if your child has autism and having a kid that has autism comes with a lot of worries. It will be a wise idea to make sure that you seek the services of a professional who will be able to diagnose your kid as there are a lot of autism signs that you will be able to see in your kid that may result to autism, visit this link for more. Here in this article you are going to learn on the many signs and symptoms that will help you know if your kid has autism, visit this link for more.

There are four different sign of autism that you will be able to get and they include social impairments, cognitive impairments, difficulty communicating, and repetitive behaviors. It will be easy to know the kind of treatment that you will give your child or the therapy that the child needs when he gets to the spectrum level, visit this link for more. When your child has autism of this type it gets to a point where they will lose the social skills and language skills and mostly the males have a higher percentage of getting this type of autism, visit this link for more.

You will need to make sure that you take a look at the early signs of autism which will be able to help you in diagnosing your kid which will for sure help your child a lot. You will be able to know the many signs of autism that your child may have by checking if they like to play alone and they are not responding to their names among many other signs that you will be able to get, visit this link for more. There are a lot of autism signs that you will be able to notice and there are those that will show up fast before others.

The children with autism will always be impulsive and they tend to do this without any caution and they will have a short attention span and there are those that will be aggressive. In case your child has autism you will be able to notice that he will have different eating as well as sleeping habits which will for sure affect how he will live. By reading the points that are discussed in this article you will be able to get the many signs and symptoms that will show if your child has autism or not.

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